Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mason update...

Mason has been such a funny kid to have around. He was such a fabulous baby. But to be honest, he has had his moments as he has become a toddler. He keeps us on our toes for sure and is a little dramatic at times. But we love him so much and he is such a cute boy and makes us all laugh.
Loves his slides!
 This boy is always on the run
 Our little cowboy
 Watching the 49ers beat the Saints.
 He is always being Super Mason!
 He is now 3!
 Mason and Cassie watching the Sunrise
 He was playing so hard camping the other day, he kept playing even though his pants kept falling off.
He may be a handful, but he is our handful. WE are so anxious to see what this year brings...hopefully he will be willing to potty train!


Lisa said...

Great pics. He is growing up too fast! So, do you all usually wake up early enough to see the sun rise?!?!

Cassell Clan said...

When are you in town and how long do you want to camp for?