Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I recently spent a couple days in Blanding Utah with some friends. We had a quick guys trip planned to do some hiking. We stopped off in Price for some of the best burgers in the State at Groggs. We WERE going to hike The Black Hole in White Canyon. We were prepared with wetsuits (the sun does not touch the canyon floor and we would have been swimming in water 40 degrees), dry bags and life jackets. We woke up early ready to go Saturday morning, however there was rain. Due to the nature of the canyon, we could not proceed due to flash flood warnings. So we were bummed. However we salvaged the weekend, hiking to some ruins and doing some fishing. It was a good time in Blanding!
Hunting for Crawdads at 2 am.
 Some of the ruins we hiked to. These dwellings were hundreds of feet up, built into the sides of cliffs. 
 There were many different old dwellings and corn storage. It was a LONG way down.
 The ruins were built into the cliffs behind me.
 Even got some fishing in.
Robyn is such a great wife to let me take these little weekends off!

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Lisa said...

Looks like fun! We are hoping to get some camping in when we come to SLC. Are you guys in??