Friday, June 24, 2011

Ole ole ole ole REAL SALT LAKE...

There are two types of people in this world. Those who like soccer and those who absolutely detest it. Well, luckily we have a great team 10 mins from my house. For the CONCACAF championship this year we went to watch RSL. It was the first time an American club was in that game. Sad to goals for REAL. The energy was unreal at the stadium...but the Mexican team played cheap soccer...oh well.
Mike and I had pretty killer seats! We were around a bunch of rowdy hispanics...yep and I got beer down my back...awesome! It was cold too!

Disney World...

We were able to spend a week in Orlando this last January with the Cassell family. It was REAL rough. We had to go to all of the Disney parks, stay at a Disney Resort hotel and take a 2 yr old who LOVES mickey. Here are just a few quick pics. It was a great trip. We ate well, played a lot and even got out for 18 holes at Magnolia!

Time for an Update...

Well we figure it may be a good time to update the family blog. I mean come on it has only been a few months. We have been keeping busy and the last few months have been fun. Especially with Mason keeping us on our toes. He is now two and his personality is reminding us everyday of that fact. So here are a few pics from last year...Mason's first meet and greet with SantaA visit from Uncle Jerm. In town to help the Rents move. He said his name constantly for 2 weeks after he left. Jerm left quite an impression. Our little family Christmas 2011

Taking advantage of one of the MANY snow storms this year. Once you got Mase in the was tough to get him out. Next year, skiing!

Mason turned two on March 8th. I cannot believe it has gone by so fast. The party was Cars themed of course. He has made both of us so happy. He is perfect, because he is ours.

Easter this year was a blast! Mason really got "Easter Egg" hunts. He just runs all over. These holidays just get more enjoyable when your kids can enjoy them too.

Mase loves the Zoo. This year he got Mom a seasons pass so she can take him all summer long!

This Memorial day weekend we drove up to Heber to enjoy a day out with Thomas the Train. Mase was a little "on one" that day. But he LOVED the train ride. He had his head out the window the whole time yelling CHOO CHOO to all of the homes and people we passed. Then of course he had to sing "All aboard the Choo Choo train" to everyone else in the train.

Mason can spend all day in the backyard. He won't let his Dad mow the lawn without sitting on his shoulders. (Which is adorable but makes mowing the lawn in straight lines very tough! He spends his day, hiding behind walls of pillows, playing in his Sandbox and playing with his cousins. It is only June but this summer should be fun now that Mase can do so much more!