Sunday, September 12, 2010

A day at the Zoo...

So we have been trying to go to the zoo for most of the summer. But for one reason or another we always found other plans interrupting our trip up to Hoggle. So earlier this week I let Robyn know that no matter what, we were going to take Mason up there. He loved it. He'd sit at the Monkey cage and yell his Monkey noise at the little monkeys. He hated the stroller and just wanted to run free so he could see everything close up. We all got a close up view of some pretty cool hawks at their open air bird show. Even got some video as one came so close that I had to duck down as the leather straps that the trainers had on the birds talons grazed my head. Pretty cool stuff. All in all it was a great afternoon and we are sure Mason will back soon enough.

Mason was growling at the tiger on the other side of the fence. Needless to say, the tiger didn't really care enough to growl back.

Mason's first ride on the "Choo-Choo". We even got to ride with Jesse James right behind us.

I think he was more excited that we got him out of his stroller for this picture.

Not a huge fan of the giraffes. This was his only real breakdown the whole afternoon. Pretty good I think.
He was so loud that even the giraffes were moving away.

Just two dudes watching the elephants.

This is the boys attempt to reach out and grab Suri the new baby elephant. She was pretty darn cute.

Mason's first look at the animals...a peacock. I couldn't get him to look away long enough. He was fixated on the birds saying 'Tweet Tweet"

Within a mile of the zoo gate this kid crashed hard. He played so hard and loved his first trip to the zoo with his mom and dad

Oh how quickly Summer passes...

This has been a fun little summer for our little family. Here are a few pictures, in no particular order:

We had a little party for Robyn on her 30th birthday. We were surrounded by some of our closest friends. It was a lot of fun and we had some good food. Thanks for all those who came and helped out.

This is a candid shot of Mason. We went to get some pictures taken at Wheeler Farm with some of Masons cousins.

Robyn and Mason feeding the ducks and Geese at the farm. Mason was throwing food at the water fowl. Not sure they were too stoked with that. But hey, they were getting some great food for their suffering.

We went camping with some friends. Camping with a 17mth old child is always an interesting moment. It was quite the adventure getting him to sleep. My son has turned out to be the ultimate mooch! Apologies for all those that he begged for food from. I promise we feed him at home!

Mason decided he would start drinking at an early age. We are not too supportive of this new habit. But sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered. Totally kidding, empty bottle and the cap is still securely on.

The fam standing in front of our new home. We decided to downsize and move to a more simpler time. Come by and visit anytime!

Mason is our new little DIVA. That will only be permitted for another little while. We spent the day at Cherry Hill with some friends. He had a blast playing in the lazy river and even went down his first water slide, with his daddy of course.

Normally when the lawn gets mowed, Cassie runs along side me. Now I can't get the lawn mower out without Mason begging me to pick him up. It is a little tougher to mow in straight lines, but both of my kids love it.

There is a great pool in Lindon that Robyn has taken Mase out to a few times. They have a lazy river and flow rider. Here Mason is chowing down between dips with two of his cousins!

Mason has spent a lot of hours out back playing in this sand box. He saw Cassie drinking out of the water side once, now we find him face first whenever we put fresh water in it.

Robyn and I needed a much needed 'night off'. So we decided a night in Park City was the answer. We left after work and went to one of our fave places, Loco Lizard to eat. Then to finish it off we spent the evening in Deer Valley watching the Utah Symphony. Much needed night alone.

Robyn talked me into letting her cut Masons hair. It was an interesting experience to say the least. But Robyn is a fabulous stylist and it worked out just fine in the end.