Saturday, January 30, 2010

So, been a couple months...

So people keep telling me that we need to update the blog. I guess after a two month layoff we might as well. The last two months were very busy months. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming and going we had the chance to see a lot of family. The Mckinleys came in from far off Fresno and my brother Jerm came in from D.C.
The last few months have seen myself and Robyn getting new jobs. After 5 great years with Merrill Lynch, Robyns tenure has finally come to an end. Due to the economic issues with the banking industry, Merrill Lynch was forced to sell to Bank of America. During this transition BofA decided to close out many of their departments here in Utah. Robyn had always done such a great job at Merrill and was repeatedly recognized for her hard work. She found something quickly and is enjoying her new job. I am sure we will succeed there also.
We are doing well and Mason continues to grow. I will be posting pics shortly so stay tuned!