Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Recently Robyn and I went out to Fresno to visit the new addition to our extended family. (For pictures of the cute little bug visit Lisa and Karters blog)While out on the visit, Karter and I decided to do a quick backpack trip. The weather forecast projected rain and clouds. I had a couple tops that I thought were sufficient to do the job of keeping me dry, well, I was mistaken. About 2-3 hours into our trip, I could feel my body start to get a little wet, then a lot wet. It rained for the next 24 hours.
We hiked to a camp ground that is pretty secluded when the lake it resides along loses depth. We decided to cross a river and cut out a couple miles worth of hiking. After an hour or so of hiking along a river bed we found a spot narrow, slow and shallow enough for us to cross. After getting to camp, we started the fire making process. Due to the immense amounts of rain fall, it proved a little tough. We ran all over the place trying to find anything dry that we could, lifting up logs tearing off bark. After much effort and a few matches and a garbage can that we found along the shore, we had fire. I think 75% of our time at camp was spent starting the fire and keeping it going.
The next morning as we hiked out we opted to take the long way to the car and find a bridge to cross. (The river was higher and faster due to all of the rain.) Karter thought it was just a couple miles up river...hmm nope. That was not the case. After a few extra miles and a little more rain, we did it. It was a lesson in preparation and determination. We could have given up on the fire, we could have just left because of the rain. But we persevered. Thanks Kart!