Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two's a Crowd

So this weekend we had the privilege of watching Sammy. Robyn's parents were out of town for Katie's baptism (congrats Katie!) so we thought we'd help out and bring Sammy over for Cassie to bother. Cassie was soo excited to have a playmate. For those of you who do not know...Cassie moves a little faster than most dogs, Sammy was NOT used to this. It took her a little while to get comfortable, but she eventually let up and they had a blast! They would each bring me separate toys to toss to them. Cassie would run into Sammy on a regular basis so she wouldn't last as long. Outside of the excessive fur all over the place and Robyn's allergy outbreak, it was fun to fill the house.

Just a QUICK break after a little Frisbee action!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

TSA Rocks!

So Robyn went to the airport to catch a flight to Fresno the other night. Well, being on standby for a Friday night Fresno flight meant me waiting in the parking lot for an hour only to have Robyn call me back and tell her to come pick her up. Well, Robyn had to fly with some meds on the plane. Included in these meds are powders, liquds and needles. Sounds like a terrorist cocktail of some sort. When transporting these products, one must have a signed document giving you clearance. Well we both thought that she would run into a couple issues. We were wrong. Appears that the geniuses that work for TSA (airport security) are more concerned with a small tube of facial lotion she had in her purse. Yes that is correct. They basically waved off the meds like they were reading material. Yet the lotion...well she must explain that. They question her about it, made her pull it out and place it in a separate baggie...you know, for safety reasons of course. This is reminiscent of when returning from a trip to Brazil I was escorted by armed guards in Atlanta's airport to be searched, all because I was speaking Portuguese while passing a security officer.
So once again, to all those who fly, be sure to thank your lovely TSA security agents. Because of them we fly the skies ever so safely.