Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Girl

Well today is my birthday. It was truly an exciting day. I was sure to wake mom and dad up nice and early (5:00) for a big birthday breakfast. Dad feeds me at about 5 for work during the of course that is what I expect for the weekends too. I mean come on, they don't need to sleep in. It has been four years since me and my siblings were born. At two months Daddy came to get me. He laid all of my sisters out and called to us. Since I was the first one to get there, he chose me. Over the last 4 years I have made sure that he thinks about the day he picked me everyday. I still like to run. I like to catch the frisbee or anything that get's thrown to me. I like to run in the house. Mom hates it but I just pin my ears back tuck my bum and cruise. I can go REAL fast. I also like to run straight out the front door. Mom calls and calls my name, but I just like to watch her get frustrated. ha ha...I do really love her.

Things I like the most...people coming over to play. I know you all love me kissing you and jumping on you. That is why I do it. I love to sit with dad on the luv sac when he plays that stupid Halo game. Come on dad, your 28, time to get a life.

For my birthday treat I got a burger. Mom and dad are lame. They made me wear a stupid bow and made me blow out the candles...come on mom and dad, I mean I am like 4 years old...that is like as old as you are in dog years. They love me despite my Diva attitude...and I love them too. I truly am a lucky dog...they are lucky too.Ok Ok, so this is what happens when you don't have kids birthdays to celebrate. She has truly been a nut...but she is our nut and she is a member of our family. Happy Birthday Cassie.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

movin along

As I sit here listening to conference and watching Robyn sketch (which is great cause she is really talented and has not done so for a while)....I thought I would stick in a quick update. This week has been a good week for Robyn and I. Well, Robyn had a long week at work. BUT, coming home to a husband who had just returned home from work I'm sure helps. I started my new job on the brokerage floor. It is a whole new world for me. This first week was a blitzed training program. Because we (two other new employees and myself) have moved so quickly we are already on the floor brokering frieght. I have learned more in regards to the trucking in the last week than my entire life. Words like lanes, runs, reefers, factoring, OmniTRAC and why you never talk to a trucker about's fuel folks!! I have also felt first hand the pressures of the recent fuel increases. $4 a gallon for diesel. When you are getting less than 10 miles/gallon it really get tight for these ma and pa truck companies; Which in turn makes my ability to negotiate that much more important. The next week will be that much tougher I beleive, when I am left to my own devices and am responsible for more carriers. Keep your fingers crossed that I learn quick and can make more $$$$$$$$. I get to work at 7 and am home after 4. Sucks to get up early but is great to beat traffic. I think I'll end up getting to work at 6 to start my career. We will see how that goes. I am NOT a morning person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robyn has been in her salon for a couple weeks now and is loving the ability to be home at nights. I commend her for working so hard. She is a real example to me of what work ethic means. Ya...she rocks! I just need to step it up and cook dinner more often.