Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taking Salon Names Now!

Here it is. There will be a a few accessory changes. But this is it! Salon Robyn! Pictures will be updated as they come available!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Phase 1 Complete!

Phase 1 of our Basement project has been completed. Here are some before, after and during pics. Just to give you an idea, the old basement entrances were 26 and 29 inches. Now...hello world!! The openings are over 36 inches each.

Happy Easter!

So I have seen all of these cute pictures of everyone and their kids. Decorating eggs, wearing there new dresses and suits and even dressed up like the easter bunny. Awww cute I know. So I thought I would tell you what two grown ups sans kids sound like easter morning...

Robyn-"Peter!! wake up. Time for church."
Peter- "Ugh. MMmmph" What time is it?"
Robyn- "Almost 9!!!"
Peter- "Ok...Happy Easter Hun"
Robyn-"Huh? Oh ya, Ummm Happy Easter to you too"

Sounds festive huh. Maybe we should have put little pieces of meat in plastic eggs and had Cassie do an easter egg hunt. Oh well. We hope all of you had a great Easter and did not forget what Easter really is about.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, we had some good news this week. Our prayers were answered and I received a job offer. I accepted. It has been an interesting few months. Waking up late and not being subjected to any type of routine. I was offered a job with England Logistics. A third party logistics brokerage firm. I'll be acting as a Capacity Manager.
In retrospect, it was a time of development and training. Reflecting on times past and mistakes made. Reflections, like the image of a expanding natural range that mirrors her creation in parallel images upon the wet surfaces before my feet. I see the duality of my life with those I mourn and pity. One side clear and precise the other blurred, murky and false; temporary. The image is tarnished by the slightest breath, rain drop or pebble skipping across it's surface. In the same breath, that same image offers conjuncture to the mind. Likened to the life which is once known. For life matches again once the water softens and the winds subside. once again returning to the normalcy that is only desired once events cease to be normal. HA HA HA.
I'm playing, anyways. It's good to again know that stability will make it's out of retirement. Well...that is the update. Hugz and Kisses peeps!