Sunday, February 24, 2008


It has been a couple weeks. Updates...Made it to a Jazz game. Started 12 rows from the top of the upper bowl and ended up 15 rows up from the court. Fun game...however they were playing the Hawks. So a victory should be expected.
Well to throw out a quick update...Our basement project 'phase one' is about over. We have taken out the wall and have repaired the damage. The cover up has begun. Robyn has spent many a minutes staring at the wall in attempts to decide on new paint colors. She finally decided on one. I am sure we will be changing it again. 'Phase one' has made quite the difference, however, painting has gone from our main room to the landing to the bathroom.
This project is coinciding with Studio Robyn. The salon is near it's completion. It will be great to get my lovely wife Robyn back home on regular bases. We are a couple counters and a sink away! We'll post pics soon!
Valentines Day was nice. We were able to go out and have a nice pleasant dinner without any distractions. I love my wife and I love every chance I can get to demonstrate that love to her.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

To our great Prophet

President Gordan B. Hinckley June 23rd 1910 - January 27th 2008

Our beloved Prophet Grodon B. Hinckley has passed on. He was a great man, both in word and deed. There is no way that any bit of writing I do could measure up to the legacy which he leaves behind. The great growth of church membership and the brick and mortar development that occured under his direction, Temples, Missionary Training Centers, The Conference Center and many others developments. He was a great leader, a powerful prophet and a humble man. As much as this day was expected it is still difficult for many to cope. He left behind a church and a following that is strong and willed. He saw a missionary body that has grown greater and stronger. He would tell the missionaries and members the same advice his father gave him while Gordon was contemplating his role in his own calling as a missionary, "Forget yourself and do the work!" I have a deep admiration for his faith, work and optimism. He gave his best every day of his long and complete life. He was a loving father, a faithful leader and a devoted husband. The Lord calls those who can do his work...Let us all remember the humor and faith he led his life. He was a proud husband and he is now in the loving arms of his wife Marjorie whom he was married for greater than 66 years. One could only imagine their reunion in heaven.
Some years ago President Hinckley began using a cane to walk. However, one is well aware that it became a fixture in his waving hands. While reading the talks from his funeral services I found these two tesimonies particulaly telling of his humor and manner. When Elder Earl C.Tingey spoke he recalled a time that he entered the elevator early in the morning at a time when President Hinckley first started using his cane at the Church Administration Building and realized that Hinckley was approaching behind him. Tingey held the door and waited.
"As he came to the door," Tingey said, "President Hinckley looked at me, kept walking, and said, 'Earl, go ahead and ride the elevator. I'm taking the stairs.' The elevator door closed. I felt about this (making a small increment with his finger tips) high. I comfortably rode up to my floor while the prophet of the Lord climbed the stairs to his office."
President Thomas S. Monson recalled being cornered by Hinckley's physician and begged to instruct his superior
to be more diligent in the proper use of his cane.
"The doctor said to me, 'Could you please do me a favor? President Hinckley should use his cane for walking because it steadies him. The last thing we want is for him to fall and break a hip, or worse. Instead he waves it around and doesn't use it when he walks. Tell him the cane has been prescribed by his doctor, and he needs to use it as it was meant to be used.'
"I listened to the physician's request," Monson said, "and then replied, 'Doctor, I am President Hinckley's counselor. You are his doctor. You tell him.' "
I know President Gordon B. Hinckley was a great Prophet and a Great man. He truely was one of the greatest men of the dispensation.