Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas this year was a little different for us. There was one word we have not used too much of in the past that Robyn and I found dancing in our heads in lieu of those damn sugar plum fairies. BUDGET. Due to the unfortunate occurrences of the past few weeks we found ourselves having to hold back a little more. However, that in mind, it turned out to be a nice holiday. We spent some intense game playing hours at Allison's on Christmas eve. OK well the game blew! Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition...not to gamey! Audrey helped a ton with the board play! Jerm and Chad had a great time together. Me, Jeremy, Mom and Robyn won of course. Afterwards we (Rob and I) went to dinner with Papa Ron at Flemmings Steak House! The night was quiet and snowy and the steaks were red and tasty. Robyn's brother Dave knew the Sous chef and he hooked us up with fabulous desserts. We then sloshed through the nasty winter weather to play games at the Kettle home. Robyn, Keri, Chris and myself ruled at DVD Scene it baby!
Having multiple families to juggle it is always a little hectic on Christmas. However this year seemed to work out great. Christmas morning was spent at the Cassell household. Warm cinnamon rolls and santa gifts are always a great welcome to a great day. After that it was up to the Kettles. (robyn's family) We spoke with little immigrant Mike on his mission. Then hung out until we crashed watching Pirates of the Carribean III.

The holidays will continue with Addison's (Niece) birthday and another year for Steve-O. So much family...We love the holidays. Let's hope next year will be just as great but that we have a little one to spoil!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back east

With my new found time off I have spent it wisely! I went to D.C. (thank you Justin) and will be going on a cruise the first week of January. D.C. was great. The crisp cool winter air, the quiet peacefulness of Samantha and Ian (niece and nephew) and a couple days of polarizing golf. Played a course called East Potomac. The course is ghetto fabulous! It borders the potomac river in D.C. The course is a good 4 million dollar face lift to being a great course. It must have been under 30 degrees once that windchill was added. BUT, it gave me and Jerm some time to hang out. The views from the course were neat with a shot of the Washington monument and Marine 1 (president Bush's chopper) flying low over head.
Justin and I played Laurel Hill on the Monday and were extremely impressed with the course. Nothing like it here in Utah. Did not play all that great going 78 and 79, but getting out in the
middle of December made it all worth it.

Ian and Samantha were a riot. They definatly made the trip out east worth it. Thank you Monica and Justin for having me!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well here I am, (isn't that how all new bloggers begin?) finally setting up a blog. Most bloggers utilize these pages for their own demonstration of photo and praise for their super children. We are all able to watch them blossom into children and if we are patient and the parents are diligent enough to keep the blog up, teenagers. We are going to get started before we start our own family. We get about a new niece or nephew every 6 months and we also have Cassie, that seems to satisfy the hunger pretty quickly!
Robyn and I are at a crossroads in our lives. I always thought by now I would have been a few years into a career and Robyn would be barefoot and pregnant taking care of house and home. (kidding!). Instead I sit around at home searching for new direction after taking a job risk that turned into more risk than reward. Robyn is the breadwinner and I am the homemaker, so gay I know! (Oh and there will be no political correctness here.)
Robyn is such a hard worker. She is working for Merrill Lynch bank and has become a prized asset among her department and group. Who would have thought Robyn would have become the working girl she is today. She still does hair part time and I am beginning work on putting a one station salon in her scrap booking room. Well the room that has her scrapbook stuff in it. No worries, we will be posting pics of the progress. I guess we will all find out how savvy I am with hammer and nail.
Enjoy the blog. I hope there are thing to enjoy. We will be posting pics, progression, and hopefully pregnation.