Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elise's first photo session.

Here are a few pics from Elise's first sitting...

Mason update...

Mason has been such a funny kid to have around. He was such a fabulous baby. But to be honest, he has had his moments as he has become a toddler. He keeps us on our toes for sure and is a little dramatic at times. But we love him so much and he is such a cute boy and makes us all laugh.
Loves his slides!
 This boy is always on the run
 Our little cowboy
 Watching the 49ers beat the Saints.
 He is always being Super Mason!
 He is now 3!
 Mason and Cassie watching the Sunrise
 He was playing so hard camping the other day, he kept playing even though his pants kept falling off.
He may be a handful, but he is our handful. WE are so anxious to see what this year brings...hopefully he will be willing to potty train!


I recently spent a couple days in Blanding Utah with some friends. We had a quick guys trip planned to do some hiking. We stopped off in Price for some of the best burgers in the State at Groggs. We WERE going to hike The Black Hole in White Canyon. We were prepared with wetsuits (the sun does not touch the canyon floor and we would have been swimming in water 40 degrees), dry bags and life jackets. We woke up early ready to go Saturday morning, however there was rain. Due to the nature of the canyon, we could not proceed due to flash flood warnings. So we were bummed. However we salvaged the weekend, hiking to some ruins and doing some fishing. It was a good time in Blanding!
Hunting for Crawdads at 2 am.
 Some of the ruins we hiked to. These dwellings were hundreds of feet up, built into the sides of cliffs. 
 There were many different old dwellings and corn storage. It was a LONG way down.
 The ruins were built into the cliffs behind me.
 Even got some fishing in.
Robyn is such a great wife to let me take these little weekends off!


Last month we decided we would take our family camping in Moab we some friends of ours. We were a little leery about bringing Elise only being two months old. She and Mason did awesome. We were very cautious with her and luckily the weather was very agreeable. Mason had a blast and is starting to love to camp. We did some river hiking and just enjoyed being away.
These three slept well.
 Mason started out great hiking up this creek...
 He got brave about 2 mins after this pic was taken...slipped into water three feet deep and dad had to jump in quick to get him.
 Quick family hike to a water fall.
 Some old Native American drawings.
 We saw Mater on the way out.

It's a girl!

We have not posted on this blog for almost a year. We have had a great last few months. Elise Christine Cassell arrived to us on March 2nd this year. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. Mason has been so loving with her. She came to us healthy and happy. We are so excited to be a family of four! We are so blessed to have her finally here.
Elise Christine Cassell 3 seconds old
 First Family Picture
 Mason is such a loving brother
 Blessing Day
This little girl is absolutely beautiful! We love her so much and are eager to see how she will bless our lives!